General Fuel Pump Diagram

Honda PRELUDE 1979 (Z) 1980 (A) HMT GENERAL EXPORT FUEL PUMP - FUEL ... view large image

General Fuel Pump Diagram - An electric fuel pump delivers fuel from the tank through a fine element fuel filter to a fuel log or rail. The fuel rail, usually of bigger volume than the supply line, supplies fuel to the fuel injectors.. The following wiring diagram files are for year 1979 Jeep CJ. Click to Zoom in or use the links below to download a printable Word document or a printable PDF Document.. MegaManual Index-- Injector Selection-- Pulse Width Modulation-- The Flyback Board-- Injector Resistors Injector Bungs and Fuel Rails-- Throttle Bodies--Fuel Supply System Injectors and Fuel System. In order to make your MegaSquirt ® work on a vehicle, you will need the following additional fuel system items to suit your installation:. injectors and bungs/manifold,.

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